Wikimedia Deutschland: Digitale Kompetenzen

Sorry, no English subtitles for this one! as part of the German government’s ‘Scientific Year 2014’ project, Wikimedia Deutschland is running a series of talks and podium discussions around the theme ‘Digital Competencies’ – this is the first edition, dealing with privacy and data security.

Titles and basic animation were prepared in Inkscape and animated with Synfig, and (as usual) I used Kdenlive for editing and Audacity for sound mix. this was a two-camera gig, shot with Ash Robinson from Dollarmixbag. The music is from Broke for Free‘s new album Petal, which I’m sure I’ll be using plenty in the coming months!
I made three further videos for this series- two with Ash, and one shot with Ben Mergelsberg from Wrangelfilm.

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