School of Data is an Open Knowledge project to teach activists, journalists, and citizens how to work with data- how to find good data, how to process, clean and analyse it, and how to present it effectively to tell a story clearly and truthfully.

Above is the 2014 School of Data Summer Camp video, which I shot over 3 days at the Villa Adlon on the outskirts of Potsdam, documenting the first big international gathering of the School of Data community.

The work that School of Data does leads to effective public awareness and advocacy campaigns, better data literacy, and leads to strong examples of the use of open data, making it easier to advocate for the release of more data under open licenses.





I’ve done other work for them in the past, designing the School of Data Badges for integration with Mozilla Open Badges (a portable way of showing accreditation, skills and appreciation online) and I also made a video documenting their workshop ‘Wrangling For Watchdogs’ in early 2013.


School of Data Summer Camp
Video CC-BY Open Knowledge
Video shot and edited by Sam Muirhead
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Wrangling For Watchdogs

There’s also a more in-depth version of this video (7min)
Wrangling For Watchdogs – A Workshop with School of Data
March 26-27 at Supermarkt, Berlin
Video CC-BY-SA Open Knowledge
made with free software – Kdenlive, Audacity, GIMP, Ubuntu
Launching Pianos‘ CC-BY-SA Small Colin
Is That You or Are You You‘ CC-BY Chris Zabriskie
Poserslave‘ CC-BY Hisko Detria
Parametaphoriquement‘ CC-BY GMZ
North East South West‘ CC-BY Aidan Knight
‘Stories in Data’ CC-BY Tony Hirst
‘Wrangling for Watchdogs CC-BY Lucy Chambers