I took part in the 5-week open source innovation camp, POC21 (“Proof of Concept”) in Chateau de Millemont near Paris, making weekly videos as we prototyped open source solutions to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. After the camp I turned the mountain of footage into a 60-min documentary, which you can watch or download here:


Documentary premiere at Babylon Berlin.

Listen to or download the soundtrack on the Free Music Archive: Proof Of Concept: 100 Geeks, 5 Weeks, 1 Future


the following tracks are free culture tracks not available on the Free Music Archive:

Lizard Kisses – Little Things CC-BY-SA

Azoora – Floating in the Sun CC-BY

Jupiter Skydive – Duck Duck Goose – CC-BY

Candy Says – Not Kings CC-BY-SA


I should also do a special shoutout to Jahzzar and Broke For Free – if you’ve been paying attention you will notice I hardly ever make a video without their music popping up somewhere, and there are 8 (!) Jahzzar tracks in Proof Of Concept.

Shorter, weekly videos made during POC21 can be seen here: