Datenschule Animation


Story: Sam Muirhead, Jasmin Helm & Helene Hahn

Design/Illustration: Sam Muirhead & Judith Carnaby

Animation, Editing, Direction & Sound Design: Sam Muirhead

Voice: Juliane Kr├╝ger

Music: Javier Suarez

License: Datenschule Animation is licensed CC-BY Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.

Made with Free Software

Inkscape, Synfig, Kdenlive, Audacity, Solus

Source Files: Datenschule Animation on Gitlab

Built on Free Culture

Music: Datenschule – commisioned from Javier Suarez (Jahzzar), of

When used alone, the music track is licensed CC-BY-SA Jahzzar

Sound Effects: from


Angry Crowd – CC0 BeeProductive

Walking through protests in Sofia in 2013 – CC0 yosarrian

splat 005 – CC0 yottasounds

mouse click CC-BY THE_bizness

Girl laugh CC-BY silversatyr

Melon Stabs (Clean) CC0 TheFilmLook

Zilly Pop CC0 gis_sweden

Broken_Energy_Saving_Lightbulb CC-BY AlienXXX

lightbulbwink CC-BY FreqMan

toy_ratchet_back_and_forth CC-Sampling+ atomota

laser toy ray gun CC0 pawsound

beep-027 CC0 yunikon

Squeaky Hinge CC-BY supersound23

squeaky door hinge open and close CC0 bowlingballad

mechanical key medium CC0 bigmonmulgrew

MechanicalClamp CC0 Skullsmasha

Human_Male_Mumble_Short CC0 SilentStrikeZ

Hmms various 1 CC0 esperar

cloth waving CC-Sampling+ nextmaking

VocalPB CC0 pjboyd

Female Breathing Heavily (2) CC-BY OwlStorm

Woman, female, inhale, exhale CC0 SpliceSound

Ambience, Children Playing, Distant CC-BY InspectorJ

Hmm Ahh CC0 esperar

Bike Zooming Past CC-Sampling+ plivesey

Marker Lines CC0 TubbsMedia

Office Sound CC-BY SplushionsIndasky

Human_Male_Crazy_Mumbles_1 SilentStrikeZ

Sigh, male CC0 giddster

Nervous Male Gulp CC0 SpliceSound

Male Gasp 1 CC0 jawbutch

tone beep CC0 pan14

Data Tones CC-BY Brotherprovisional

people in city 02 140611_0275 CC-BY klankbeeld

book handling CC0 hintringer

Woosh CC0 lebcraftip

Mmm Female Various CC-BY AudioRichter

Steel bar instrument CC-BY juskiddink

ToqueDedoMadera CC0 Trancox

Whimper_Gasp_1_Female CC0 Drkvixn91

Hmm question CC0 esperar

Disgusted/angry “Ugh No” female CC0 BlueSiren

soft-blip-E Major CC-BY newagesoup

Sword Swing A – Soft 02 CC-BY Glaneur de sons

phone ring CC0 Link-Boy

Office with Typing CC0 Walter_Odingtor

blarg CC-BY tim.kahn

Squeezing Sponge CC0 dmunk

pouring glass of water CC0 simosco

kettle emptying then filling CC0 Streety

tank_dripping CC-BY wjoojoo

BACON CC0 stomachache

Spraying sprinklers CC-BY ProjectsU012

8-bit Wrong Item CC0 TheDweebMan

8-Bit Rumbling CC0 Terry93D

Computer Beep SFX for Videogames CC0 CommanderRob

Retro video game sfx – Computer on CC0 OwlStorm

Video Game Coin CC-BY harrietiamh

Typing loop CC-BY flarn2006

typing CC0 yugi16dm

cape-swoosh CC-BY CosmicEmbers

Camera Focusing and Shutter CC0 uEffects

Camera Shutter, Fast, A CC-BY InspectorJ

camera shutter CC0 Negraovictor

Newspaper Reading CC0 Vampirella17

Newspaper_10 CC0 waterboy920

Slide CC0 jberkuta14

Glass Slide 2 CC0 Sethroph

Stone Steps CC0 Phil25

Step_Slide_Concrete CC-Sampling+ amszala

Under Water Splash 1 CC-BY Hampusnoren

fish in river CC0 13FPanska_Krug_Antonin

factory 1 CC0 viertelnachvier

furnace CC-BY sforsman

Bushes Rustling CC- Sampling+ ArcLegen05

tree bark CC-BY spalena

river1 CC0 AndyGardner

2006 Escape Hybrid Horn Honk CC-BY Domainhunter

Bus CC-BY monkeyman535

Bus Step Lowering FS CC-BY Sailor55

bus14 CC0 RZ-1

bus2 CC0 qubodup

Bus Volvo CC0 ninebilly

Bus, Air Brake, A CC-BY InspectorJ

bus_engine_from start to shutdown_outside CC0 13FPanska_Sychra_Petr

bus_door_closing CC0 13FPanska_Sychra_Petr