Hi, I’m Sam.

I’m an animator and activist working to spread the collaborative, transparent, and ethical ideas of the Free/Libre Open Source movement into wider society – with a particular focus on the arts.

In 2012 I lived an experimental Year of Open Source, applying the concept to every aspect of my life, from furniture, to music, to clothing. Since then I’ve helped kickstart a global network around the idea of an Open Source Circular Economy, made Free Culture videos and animations, about Open Everything, using Free Software. Since 2016 I’ve been developing a practice for co-creating and customizing open source animation, and running workshops that give non-coders an experience of open source collaboration, without using digital tools: Cut, Copy & Paste.

Get in Touch!

To find out more, send me an email below, or say hi on twitter @cameralibre.
If you’re interested in Video, Animation and Open Source, I’m always on the lookout for interesting collaborations!
I’m based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington (Aotearoa New Zealand) but happy to travel – English, German, and Spanish spoken.

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